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The Advertising Media Internet Center (AMIC) is the leading web site for media and marketing professionals. Anyone interested in the activities of advertising media planners, buyers, sellers, and researchers will also find AMIC a useful information source. AMIC is designed, built, and maintained by AMIC.COM Inc. a member of the Telmar Group of Companies. It is a free service to the advertising media industry. AMIC receives support from leading media organizations and associations in the form of sponsorships to help defray the costs of this service.

Some features at the AMIC site require free registration. The information requested for this registration is used to manage information requests from members (such as job or guru queries), and to help track the usage of the site. By registering as a member of AMIC, you will be able to enter all of the member only pages on the site. The personal information collected on the form is kept confidential. It is never made available to any third parties. The many features offered by AMIC are introduced below.

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Site Section Descriptions

The Media Guru Ask the media guru any media related question and he will answer it. You may also read the answers to questions other people have asked or search the guru archives for specific information.

Ad Impact Index AMIC has selected a group of ad industry stocks that we track to help gauge the health of the industry.

Ad Info

Thought provoking articles and research designed to inspire and inform the advertising professional.

Ad Jobs A great resource for both potential employers and for those looking for work. Ad jobs is designed to help bring ad/media industry job opportunities together with the right people to fill them.

Ad News AMIC has teamed up with PR Newswire to provide advertising specific news and happenings. This area is home to Abbott Wool's Market Segment Resource Locator. The locator supplies information of interest to people who are targeting ethnic markets.

Bookstore AMIC in association with AMAZON.COM have put together a list of titles that will be of interest to advertising and media professionals.

Search AMIC Drill through AMIC's extensive collection of data and articles to find exactly what you are looking for.

Site & AD Info Information about AMIC including site traffic numbers.

Industry Sites Links to web sites that are important to the advertising industry.

Who's who at AMIC
Contact Jeff Federman for help with AMIC navigation, to report link problems, or other technical  or design issues. 
Contact Abbott (Abby) Wool about AMIC content, to suggest features or to submit articles or other material.

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